The Gadfly in Fall 2003

Here’s three to start:

The Gadfly XXV.4, September 16th, 2003

The Gadfly, XXV.5, September 23rd, 2003

The Gadfly, XXV.8, October 21st, 2003


Each of these pdfs has the complete issue. The pictures suck; the scanner was not set to scan them well it seems (sorry Ian).

Things of note: 9/16 The “Tough Jew” photo, 9/23 my article on alligator hunting, Anderson Tallent’s  “Saints and Sinners,” 10/21 Chilla’s corporate merger, and Mr. Harrell’s article on lecture reviews. Other controversies in letters: the question of whether to fund a St. John’s Objectivist Club (it wasn’t).


Another one! The next one in time-order I still have.

The Gadlfy XXV, Issue 11, November 11th, 2003


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