Tuesday, October 20th

Post your question about Aristotle’s Physics I.1, II.1-3 here!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday, October 20th

  1. Is Aristotle saying that naming is equivalent to categorizing even in an individual sense? So far as that the properties of which a name is derived is similar to its nature? Nature being the source of all that is making it eternal, and therefore, language.


  2. If nature is supposed to be the supreme source of knowledge, and if the interpretation of a subject is hard to understand under the concept of nature. Is that topic deemed positive or negative? If humans can understand a topic that is unclear to nature, does that mean that we are superior to nature?


  3. Does Aristotle believe in luck, Or karma?is he saying that each thing is a piece of its maker? Why is there randome numbers in the middle of the sentences is it a reference?


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