Tuesday, October 13

Post your question here for DA III.7-8.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday, October 13

  1. Is Aristotle claiming that what we perceive affects the choices we make, which then affects our environment, or what we perceive affects them separately? What Aristotle say about schizophrenic people who are unsure of their perception because of their hallucinations, illusions, and delusions? Is he also stating that we already have knowledge of the things we perceive, that those who don’t have knowledge of what they perceive aren’t intelligent? What is the difference between imagination and what is true and false?


  2. Is what we perceive hindered by our brains’ cognitive capacity, i.e. would a more evolved human brain be more keen on perception than that of today’s man?


  3. Would Aristotle agree that human affect the environment.


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