7 thoughts on “Tuesday, October 6th

  1. In Chapter 3, Book 3, is De Anima arguing that that perception, thinking, and imagination are flawed, even though they are what he uses to state that every living being has this? Is he stating that a living being’s surroundings affect their perception, imagination, and thinking, or does it not having anything to do with it? Also, would he argue that certain souls are attributed to a specific type? For example, one soul is more in touch with imagination? And would he consider them as living beings?


  2. I still don’t have the hand out for this reading.


  3. If there is any way you can send me the pdf I can print it out


    1. It’s on this page, above! Just click on the link.


  4. What is true opinion?


  5. 428a 1C

    When Aristole says ” when we are engaged accurately with some perceived thing we do not say, for example, that we imagine this isn’t human being, but we say this instead when we do it perceive plainly whether that is true or false”. I don’t understand is he saying that we don’t imagine the same way we perceive things as humans because we have different views on what’s true or false ?


  6. De Anima * and book 3 chapter 3


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