Bard Early College of New Orleans

Hey Bard Early College folks, here’s the page where our assignments will be listed. For each assignment, there will be a link to another page where you have to post your question for the day. You are welcome to respond to someone else’s question–this can count for your assignment, if that’s what you want to do.

Tuesday, September 29, Aristotle on sensing and sight, DA II.6, 9, 12

Friday, October 2, Hans Jonas on animal experience

Tuesday, October 6, De Anima III.3-5

Tuesday, October 13, De Anima III.7-8

Friday, October 16th, Hans Jonas on animal experience

Tuesday, October 20th–class cancelled because of lack of water in building

Friday, October 23rd, Vicki Hearne, How to Say Fetch

Tuesday, October 27th, Physics I.1, II.1-3

Friday, October 30th, Physics II.4-9

Tuesday, November 3rd, Physics III.1-3

Friday, November 6th, Hawking, introduction (in reader)

Tuesday, November 10th, Void and Infinite, III.4-6, IV.8

Friday, November 12th, Hawking, Our Picture of the Universe

Tuesday, November 17th and Friday November 20th, Time: Physics IV.10-14

Tuesday, December 1st, Physics VIII.1, 4-7

Tuesday, December 8th, Hawking, The Origin and Fate of the Universe

7 thoughts on “Bard Early College of New Orleans

  1. What’s our reading for Tomorrow


  2. Could we chalk the whole of existence up to chance or fortune? And if not, does that mean everything is set in stone and suppose to happen a certain way?


  3. In III 1-3 is Aristotle saying that all thinks move in the same way just in different directions? He say someone can be potentially sick or healthy they both have potential but they end differently.


  4. What would Aristotle say about the rotation of the earth in terms of what type of motion it is? Would it be being-at-work-staying-itself? Or would it be different since we are always changing it? How would earth be classified?


  5. Do we make our own destiny?


  6. Is the motion as sound and light moves be at par with that of walking?


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