These days I’m writing, teaching, singing, and taking care of children. I live in New Orleans, Louisiana, the big city of my native state. I teach ancient philosophy at the local university, this year as a visiting assistant professor in the Classics department, sing Tucker Fuller’s latest new classical music in traditional and non-traditional venues, chase two boys up and down the length of the shotgun (house), and keep writing away at the political problem of women as hinted at by Socrates in Plato’s Republic. The latter made its way into book form with Lexington Books in August 2017 as The Woman Question in Plato’s Republic. I’m always interested in whatever Aristotle has to say; recent classes have focused on his Ethics, his Politics, his thoughts about wealth-getting, slavery, and household management. I also have a continental streak: last year I wrote about Heidegger and housework here for The Hedgehog Review, and this year on Walker Percy’s existentialism, in which I get in some good ones on Descartes.

I’ll admit to this: B.A. at St. John’s College Annapolis, 2004; M.A. Catholic University of America 2010; one son born March 2010, another May 2012. Ph.D. Tulane 2015, despite reading more Kierkegaard than was good for me. Not a Straussian, but I have in fact read some of the books.

Porquoi chez Aristote?

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